What is the difference between psychic and mediumship readings?

Susan is both a Psychic Clairvoyant and a Medium. Clairvoyance is Susan’s ability to see in her minds eye future possibilities and sometimes past events that tie into the present to give psychic predictions. Because Susan is very visual she may use Tarot Cards during the reading to stimulate her clairvoyance in order to give the clearest message possible. Mediumship is the ability to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over, angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. During a reading if Susan is perceiving messages from a loved who has crossed over, that loved one will share insight and messages for the person Susan is reading for. Susan cannot guarantee that a specific loved one that a client is looking to communicate with will come through, however the majority of the time they do. When our loved ones in spirit know that a person is coming for a reading they are usually lined up to communicate!

What can I expect during my reading?

Susan starts her day with prayer and positive intention that messages of the highest good will come through for the clients she is reading for. Susan’s messages are very heart based and uplifting according to her clients. She will see your highest potential, what a person is capable of achieving however each person is responsible for taking action in order to make positive things happen in their life. Susan can never tell a person what to do, she can only offer suggestions and tell you how she feels about any given situation
It is fine for clients to ask Susan questions during the reading as she wants to be sure to get to everything you want to talk about during your reading. Other clients just like to hear Susan talk without asking any questions and experience what messages her guidance will bring through and that is perfectly fine. During a reading she can only give messages based on the information she is given and cannot force a message.

Is there any difference in the quality of a reading if it is done in person or via phone or video conferencing?

No. Susan has an international client base and has given hundreds of readings via phone to people she has never met in person without any compromise of quality in the messages that come through.

What if something negative comes up during a reading?

Susan does her best to keep messages uplifting and positive! In the event that a message comes through that would perceive to be troubling Susan would of course give the message honestly and straight forward. When a message of this nature is presented this can serve as a message TO AVOID such a situation, or for a person to pay attention in their life if there are red flags around so that a consequence wouldn’t have to be as dramatic. Also, every person has free will and can make changes in their lives to create a more positive outcome.

Can Susan read for young people?

Absolutely! Susan loves to read for young people and has given readings to children as young as 5 years of age. For Susan to read for a child or underage person a parents permission is required.