Group Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness or trance-like state in which the unconscious or dissociated responses to suggestion are enhanced in quality and increased in degree. Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and speaks directly to the subconscious (aka “unconscious”) mind simply by relaxing and allowing the mind to enter the Alpha brain-wave state.

Hypnosis can help with just about anything that is bothering you or negatively affecting your life. While not a substitute for medical care, hypnosis is clinically proven to be effective.

Hypnosis done with a group adds to the experience as the energy of the group focused on a single outcome can intensify the effect of the hypnotherapy. The power of the group mind acts as an amplifier for the words.

Upcoming LIVE online events, TBD

Group Magick Spells

Susan has been studying ceremonial Magick since the young age of 20 years.  And is now excited to announce that she will be offering Magick spells to the public.

Magick is simply raising her energy to the heavenly realms of existence where anything can be created with the mind and energetically pulling that intention into your physical world.  Susan will work with certain ceremonial rituals, potions and planetary cycles that will amplify the energy of the spell.  Group spells can be even more powerful because the energy is amplified, enhancing the energy for everyone in attendance.

Susan offers group spells for love and money/abundance.

Upcoming LIVE online events, TBD