Question: What are the impacts of Mercury in Retrograde? Would this have a impact on the electronic devices I purchased since Mercury is in retrograde? If so, when would be a good time to purchase electronic devices again. I had to buy electronic devices (memory card reader and a Lacy hard drive) to back up our content. I purchased these items in CA earlier this month because I didn’t know when I would be able to get to a Best Buy in Ohio since it’s an hour and half to two hour drive.

Answer: First off Mercury in Retrograde or any planet in retrograde is when certain planets appear during certain cycles to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion.  Although this is considered an illusion it still effects most human beings especially if you have a strong Mercury influence in your astrology chart.

Mercury in retrograde can cause all forms of miscommunications, it is not a good time to sign contracts, travel can be troublesome ( or if you have to travel during this cycle try to make your plans before the retrograde starts) it is best to wait to make any major decisions until Mercury is out of retrograde.  We will even feel the effects of this retrograde a few days before the exact date and a few days after the ending date.  So it would be best to wait to buy any electronics until Mercury is out of the retrograde cycle.  If you have to buy any electronics ( I personally had to buy an expensive laptop during a Mercury retrograde cycle because I had no choice my dear old laptop failed me and had to be replaced, there was no way I could wait for 3 weeks! ) so I made sure to choose a place to purchase it from that had the best warranty!

Mercury retrograde is not always horrible though!  This is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.  So slow down during these periods and take time to smell the roses.  Thank you for your question and best of luck with everything.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2014

  • February 6 – February 28
  • June 7 – July 1
  • October 4 – October 25