Developing Intuitive Gifts Q & A


I’ve found through the years that I have some paranormal gifts, intuitive and sensitive.  I would love to develop thses gifts but unsure of what exercises would best suit me.  Meditation?? etc…  What would you recommend to expand my awareness?

Curious in Cincy


Dear Curious in Cincy,

I would strongly encourage you to develop your intuitive gifts!  Read as many books from other psychics & mediums, practice on your friends and perhaps learn from mentors who can help you develop your gifts.  I have worked with several mentors, please just be sure that you are working with a reputable teacher!  You may even consider forming a psychic development group of like minded people so that you can all support one another in your growth and most importantly get feedback on your accuracy which will boost your self confidence as your abilities evolve.

Through my life I have worked with many wonderful psychic development mentors and love group settings so that you can get the feedback that will build your confidence with your psychic abilities.  Meditation whether guided or just sitting quietly is a great way to start.  This will help clear the mental chatter that goes on and on in our minds so that the intuitive information can come through.  I just heard on the radio today that one of the wealthiest men in the world when interviewed. attributes his success not only to hard work but mostly by meditation practices twice daily!  Albert Einstein attributed his genius gifts to his intuition!

Also use whatever tools if needed to develop, I love tarot cards.  Some people use astrology, numerology crystals, pendulums, holding an object that belongs to someone ( objects carry the vibration of the person who owns them – even pictures ) technically this is called psychometry.  So use whatever you can to develop but the most important part is setting your intention to open psychically more, practice, not be afraid and meditation

Thanks for submitting your question and hope this helps!

Susan Rawlings